Dec 20, 2021

Segway Loses Appeal Over Prague City Ban

The Constitutional Court rejected the complaint of the Segway Association of the Czech Republic, which fought against the restrictions. The court did not find a violation of the complainant’s fundamental rights.

The Constitutional Court has upheld a ban on the use of Segways in the historic centre and other parts of Prague put in place in the summer of 2017.

In August 2016, Prague City banned Segway vehicles in its historic center, after residents complained the two-wheeled electric vehicles were clogging streets and unsafe.

A few months later, authorities installed more than 600 signs making it clear where exactly you can’t ride a Segway.

The association, therefore, filed a constitutional complaint, arguing that Segways are not dangerous and that collisions with pedestrians neverd occurred.

Rental operators have previously criticized the municipality for “malice” and “prohibition.”

Local police officers can fine tourists violating the ban up to 2.000,- CZK. Obviously a lot of local segway rental services have already closed, because the restricted area is basically the whole city center, including Old Town, New Town, Hradcany, Lesser Town, Holesovice etc.

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The ban applies not only to pavements but also bike lanes and streets.

The Czech Republic Segway Association had argued that the ban violated operators’ rights in that it was discriminatory and excessive.

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