Jul 07, 2024

Stanice 6 Opens at Bubeneč: A Hub for Art, Sport, and Community Events

A new cultural and leisure centre named “Stanice 6” is set to open on the site of the former railway station Praha-Bubeneč in Prague 6.

The former station building will become a community center with a sports, a gallery, bistro and a cultural hall where concerts, exhibitions, and other community events can take place.

“We aim to create a pleasant indoor workout area connected to Stromovka rather than a traditional gym with sophisticated machines. The café will be contemporary and open, with the station platform becoming a popular summer space,” says Martin Kontra.

The gallery will occupy the railway building’s first floor, maintaining the building’s layout from the late 19th century.

Valuable historical elements, like the platform roof’s wooden structure and the painted ceiling in the original waiting room, have been restored. The original railway sign “BUBENEČ” has also been reinstated.

The former platform will be repurposed as a bistro garden. The building’s immediate surroundings and the platform have been modified with new granite paving. Two parking spaces are reserved for operational needs.

“By remodeling and modernizing the building, we aim to revive its former beauty and give it a new function. The interior will be open, providing space for various social and cultural events. We demolished non-original partitions, created new openings in load-bearing walls, and modified existing door openings,” says architect Ondřej Tuček.

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The new centre, named Stanice 6 (Station 6), is due to open on 28 August, 10 years to the day since the last train stopped at the station.

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