May 12, 2024

Strawberry Fields: Where to Pick Your Own Berries in Prague and Across the Country

It’s that time again. Head to the fields and pick your own strawberries in Prague and around Czechia.

Every year, the Czech Ministry of Agriculture encourages people to choose Czech berries as they are much tastier and healthier than imported ones.

“Our strawberries are riper, juicier and more delicious. This is due to the fact that foreign producers deliberately grow hard varieties for export so that they can endure long transports,” the ministry explains.

Many Czech farmers traditionally offer their clients to come to their own fields and pick their own strawberries. In this case, they will cost almost half as much as in a normal shop.

This service is called samosběr and is in great demand. It is not only about economic gain: for many nature lovers, the picking process is a pleasure in itself.

Here you can also find a special website with a list of farms that offer this service.

You can select the region where you live and a list of farms appears. By clicking on the name of the farm, you will find all the information you need (price, address, opening hours, etc.).

Self-harvesting dates are weather-dependent and often change at the last minute. Therefore, always check the information on the website or on the social media of a particular farm before heading out to pick strawberries.

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If you do not feel like working in the fields, you can buy already harvested strawberries on the spot. They cost more, but they are still much cheaper than store-bought ones.

The strawberries are already on sale in the following strawberry farms in Prague:

SCHWENK Jahody s.r.o.

Jahody Kunratice

Kunratické jahody (Václav Macháček)

Kunratické jahody (Jiří Jakoubek)


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