Jun 12, 2024

Summer Pool Prices Spike Across Czech Republic

Admission fees have increased at about half of the outdoor pools and swimming pools in the Czech Republic, rising by 10 to 25 percent compared to last year.

While higher energy prices drove previous increases, this year’s rise is mainly due to changes in labor agreements.

The rate of increase in entrance fees depends on the size of the pool. Larger pools will see a more noticeable hike, while smaller pools, especially in villages, will maintain last year’s prices. Due to the administrative burdens associated with work agreements, some temporary workers are shifting to full-time employment.

This year’s weather fluctuations have delayed the start of the summer season. Typically, pools open in late May and early June, but this year, the forecast suggests visitors will start swimming in mid-June. However, some pools in the Pilsen, Ústí nad Labem, and South Moravia regions have already begun their season.

Compared to 2019, interest in domestic vacations is up by 161 percent, and summer holiday bookings have increased by 19 percent compared to last year. There is also a growing demand for unique accommodations such as glamping, tree houses, and teepees.

“For stays in the Czech Republic, our customers typically book for two nights. The average spend per stay is CZK 3,100, similar to last year. However, this is a significant increase from the pre-pandemic period when the average spend was CZK 2,000,” said Štěpán Pospíšilík, marketing director of Travelking.

Czech tourists often book hotels by the water, with pools or wellness facilities, or near the mountains.

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Cottage and chalet rentals are also in high demand. Radim Zubalik, head of production and client center at Chata.cz, mentioned that the Beskydy, Jeseníky, and Šumava regions are particularly popular. Despite the high demand, prices for renting cottages and chalets have not increased this year, following significant hikes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Spa.cz portal has seen increased interest in accommodations in Lednice in the Břeclav region and Jáchymov in the Karlovy Vary region, while demand has dropped in Třeboň, Poděbrady, and Teplice.

Marketing director Lukáš Václavek noted a slight increase in interest for stays in the well-known spa triangle (Karlovy Vary, Františkovy Lázně, Mariánské Lázně), with wellness and spa stays maintaining a ratio of one to three.

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