May 30, 2024

Taste of France: New Shop in Prague Offers Authentic French Delights

A new shop has arrived in Prague, offering a taste of France alongside a relaxing atmosphere.

La France Élégante, which opened its doors in late March, combines a French grocery store with a charming coffee shop, transporting customers to a bygone era.

Located in Prague’s Dum u Nováků passage on Vodickova Street, La France Élégante boasts original furniture dating back 70 to 150 years creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a Parisian coffee shop from a century ago.

The owner’s vision was to create a space where clients can escape the daily hustle.

The cafe source products from small French producers, ensuring authenticity and freshness. For instance, you can find Terres de Café (a premium French coffee brand), specialty products from Provence with Thyme and Lavender tea, Corsican water and flavored water with no added sugar, and seasonal juices.

Among wines & spirits, you can discover a curated selection of Corsican wines, Crémant, Champagne André Clouet, French beers, Cognac, while
the baked pastries are prepared by a French baker in Prague.

We met Gabriel, the owner who has ambitious plans for the future. While traditional wine tastings are deemed unnecessary due to the abundance of French wine options in Prague, they are looking to host cooking classes led by his sister, a French cuisine expert.

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They also envision expanding to other locations, with Bratislava being the first on the list.

“We aspire to be more than just a store; this is a place for relaxation and celebration of French culture. Customers are welcome to simply unwind, enjoy a coffee, and perhaps treat themselves to a single high-quality item.”

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