Dec 10, 2023

The Austrian Ball in Prague – Elegance, Genuine Viennese Traditions

Winter is almost here and so is the upcoming ball season. Which ball shall we attend this time? A question that many of us may raise during the next months.

Several beautiful balls can be attended in Prague, however, just one of them represents the peak of the ball season. The 22. Austrian Ball will be held on January 19, 2024, traditionally at the enchanting ballrooms of the Žofín Palace.

The Austrian Ball in Prague preserves the genuine traditions of the Viennese Balls. The Ball begins with a festive opening ceremony followed by the first dance of members of a Committee of Young Ladies and Gentlemen. Right thereafter, all guests are invited to the dance floor by a traditional call “Alles Walzer!”.

Large orchestras accompany the dancers all night long. If the guests had been thoroughly paying attention during the opening, the participation in the „midnight quadrille“ might have been much easier.

There will, however, be no shortage of professional guidance enabling participation in the quadrille also to those guests who are not as experienced. Finally, each lady will receive a small present when leaving the ball, the so-called “Damenspende”. You will not only dance the Waltz at the Austrian Ball, though, due to the fact that in the in-house discotheque, young and young-at-heart guests are usually dancing right up until the early hours of the morning.

And how about the stars of the next Austrian Ball? Czech National Symphonic Orchestra, Orchestra Josef Hlavsa, Viennese dance teacher Michael Hysek and last but not least, famous Czech singers Eva Burešová, Ondřej G. Brzobohatý, the Czech “Sinatra” Jan Smigmator or an excellent pianist Radim Linhart followed by a fantastic DJ. A selection of exquisite Viennese specialities and premium Austrian wines will then just top a perfect evening.

The Austrian ball is held under the auspices of Dr. Alexander Van den Bellen, the President of Austria. It is officially put on by the Association of Austrians in the Czech Republic and the City of Vienna is its patron. At the same time, the Austrian Ball is a non-profit event and serves a good purpose every year.

It will support a charity organisation Dejme dětem šanci (Let’s Give Children a Chance), which is a charity organization helping children and young people growing up in children’s homes on their journey to independence.


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