Dec 02, 2023

The Most Common Truck Accident Injuries and How to Seek Compensation

How much do you know about the aftermath of a truck accident?

Knowing what to do if you’re injured in a truck accident isn’t easy. Unfortunately, only a few know what qualifies as an injury until it’s too late.

Are you worried about the potential of getting injured in a truck accident? Keep reading to learn more about common truck accident injuries and how to get the compensation you deserve.

Whiplash and Neck Pain

Whiplash often happens due to the sudden back-and-forth movement of the neck. When a truck hits your vehicle, your neck might jerk quickly. This can cause much pain and limit your ability to move your neck.

Some people feel whiplash right after a road accident, but others might not notice it until a few days later. If your neck hurts after a truck accident, immediately see a doctor.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, are a severe concern in truck accidents. When the brain gets a sudden jolt or hit, it can cause a TBI. This could happen if your head hits the steering wheel or another part of the car.

These can lead to headaches, confusion, or even changes in behavior. They’re not always easy to spot right away. That’s why it’s essential to see a doctor if you hit your head in an accident, even if you think you’re fine.

Spinal Cord Damage

Truck accidents can also cause serious damage to the spinal cord. This can happen if a heavy truck hits your vehicle hard. The force can hurt your spine and lead to intense pain.

Sometimes, this can even cause paralysis, where you can’t move certain parts of your body. It’s not always clear right away if you have spinal cord damage. But if you have back pain, trouble moving, or numbness after a truck accident, see a doctor as soon as you can.

Broken Bones and Fractures

When a truck hits a smaller vehicle, the people inside can get thrown around, often leading to broken bones and fractures. Arms, legs, ribs, and even pelvises can break in these situations.

You might feel sharp pain, see swelling, or find it hard to move a body part. Broken bones need immediate medical help. It’s crucial to seek medical care even if you think it’s a minor fracture, as leaving it untreated can cause long-term issues.

Navigating Compensation Claims

Claiming compensation after a truck accident can be tough but manageable. The first step is to hire a lawyer who knows these cases well.

They will guide you through the complex legal process. You can check out Steve Dimopoulos Trucking Accident Attorney, online for reference. 

After the accident, gather and keep all evidence, like photos and medical reports. This proof will help your case.

Your lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company to get you fair payment. Remember, you can ask for help covering medical bills, lost wages, and other costs due to your injuries.

Truck Accident Injuries and Seeking Compensation

Truck accidents can result in severe injuries that can have a lasting impact on victims’ lives. Seeking compensation is essential in covering financial burdens that may arise.

Consulting with a personal injury lawyer is essential if you or a loved one suffers from truck accident injuries. They can help you navigate the legal process and fight for your deserved compensation. Don’t wait; take action today and protect your rights.

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