The Sweetest Festival in Prague: Chocolate Festival

Chocolate Festival harfa 2021

Are you a chocolate addict? If so, there will soon be the perfect, tasty, excuse to head to Prague.

A unique event for chocolate lovers, the Prague Chocolate Festival, will return this year in the Harfa Gallery from 15 to 17 October.

The mouth-watering event is ideal for those who love chocolate and confectionery, and there will be a range of activities available, including tasting, partaking in cooking and fun, quirky workshops.

The festival is renowned for its huge range of delicacies from all over the world which can be tasted on site.

In past years, there has been representatives from all over the world – including African Cuisine and specialists from Latin America.

Musical and dance performances will also occur throughout the duration of the festival, which creates a fun and energetic atmosphere every year!

This is an amazing, family-friendly event to bring your little ones to. In the past, there has been a range of activities to keep them happy such as face painting, cholate painting and the chance to view some huge chocolate sculptures.

Visitors will have the opportunity to get their hands on all sorts of goodies- from dark chocolate, choco beer and even chocolate cosmetics – you can experience it all.

With competitions running for the full length of the festival, do you fancy your luck at winning something yummy? The possibilities are endless!

There will also be a chance to learn and test your chocolate cooking abilities in fun chocolate-making classes, dessert contests and kids workshops with the help of professionals.

From making macarons, candy decorations or chocolate desserts – you will quickly become an expert in the field of sweet treats.

The festival is free entry, and all are invited to join!

It will open at 2 pm on 15 October and close at 5 pm on 17 October. We hope to see lots of faces there.


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