Mar 06, 2024

Things That Only an Avid Traveler Will Tell You

The very first time I went on a travel spree, I was shocked to know how much useless stuff I was carrying.

Back in 2014 when I graduated and thought about taking a year off before joining my job, I thought of going on a trip. Nothing too fancy, my main goal was to enjoy a cross-country trip with my friends. As I was packing my stuff, I realized that almost everything in my room was essential and I had to carry it with me.

From my small tablet to my chargers and music player, everything was essential. By the end of packing, I realized that I had packed too much. While loading my things, I was the only one with four heavy bags and three small bags. In short, my luggage was more than the luggage of all my friends combined.

There is no doubt it was convenient for me and my friends because I had everything with me but by the end of the trip, I realized that I had lost a lot of stuff.

Fast-forward, one decade later, I am living a minimalistic lifestyle, which means I can fit everything within my suitcase and travel anywhere. Compared to 2014, I can easily tell you that most of the things that you feel are essential will only add weight and are available once you reach your destination.

Things That Only an Avid Traveler Will Tell You

As an avid traveler with nearly 10 years of traveling experience, here are some of the things that I would like every new traveler to know.

Invest In a Good Internet

Most people think that once they reach their hotel they will have access to Wi-Fi and that is enough. Just a heads up, it is not and you will be disappointed by the quality. Moreover, every time you connect to hotel Wi-Fi you are risking data safety.

To avoid all these issues, invest in a good internet connection. Most of the good internet service-providing companies like Xfinity offer fast-speed internet where you go. In addition, you will have access to free nationwide hotspot internet so you can stay connected on the go and a dedicated Xfinity phone number where you can register your complaint anytime you want.

Build a Capsule Wardrobe

Most people carry a lot of clothes because they think they need to dress really well while they are traveling. There is no doubt that dressing well will help you with pictures but carrying too many outfits also means a lot of weight. To make it easier, it is better to invest in solid pieces that you can easily layer and match to make a new outfit.

A solid capsule wardrobe will help you not just look good but it will also help you to carry fewer clothes. With just two shoes and seven different T-shirts, you can easily make a good capsule wardrobe and you will not have to invest a lot of money.

Shop Tickets Online

Tickets and hotel booking are always cheaper if you are doing it in advance. Moreover, if you shop for tickets via third-party websites, you will save more money. If you are struggling with budget, an easier way to deal with things is to shop in November, as most of the companies roll out discounts during that time.

Moreover, for budget-friendly ticket options get early morning flights, as they are quite inexpensive. Furthermore, tickets on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are quite budget-friendly as well.

Street Food is better

We have all seen people dining in fancy restaurants when they are traveling mainly because they believe it is a retreat option. Well, yes you need good food when you are travelling but it does not have to cost you an arm and leg.

This is where you have to explore street food. Street food is always better regardless of where you go. Even in metropolitan cities where fancy restaurants are all the hype, you will always have better quality food in the streets. A good example is the Halal Guys in New York where you can buy good quality and quantity in a very small amount.

Everything Travel Size

While traveling, do not think about carrying full-size things. It can be tempting especially if you have sensitive skin or you feel your shampoo is better than what they offer in the hotel but do not think about bringing along a 1000ml bottle.

Invest in silicon travel-size bottles because they will help you carry less without risking leakage. Moreover, travel-size bottles are generally designed to carry more with hard shells that minimize the chance of breakage.

Invest In Covers

Most people think that since everything is available in a hotel, they can trust everything that is offered to them. While I have no issue with the body towel offered in the hotel, I will never use pillowcases and face towels.

To avoid this issue, I carry pillow covers and sheets everywhere. Since it is just some extra fabric, you can easily tuck it in a small bag or just fold it and adjust it in the extra pocket; you will not be carrying extra weight at all.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it is always better to carry fewer things and avoid heavy objects that are available easily once you reach your destination. Carrying food or toiletries that are available in the hotel is never recommended.

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