Feb 27, 2024

This Friday: Ben Klock Turns Abandoned Prague Hall into a Berlin Club

Sound festival will take over another unique Prague space this Friday. Contemporary underground electronic music will fill an abandoned industrial hall in Prague’s Malešice.

The space formerly used for the construction of military aircraft will be filled with fans of Berlin electronics this Friday.

The headliner is techno icon and resident of Berlin’s Berghain club – Ben Klock, who will be joined by British producer Setaoc Mass, French dj Arkan and local Pink Concrete.

Ben Klock is the undisputed ambassador and driving force of Berlin techno. He has been a resident at the iconic Berghain club since 2005 and is one of the leading names on the lineups of the world’s biggest techno festivals.

So there was no doubt that he was the ideal headliner for the next indoor chapter of the Sound Festival, which moved to the raw environment of the industrial hall in Prague’s Malešice, where a similar event will take place for the first time ever.

The space will thus be transformed into the center of the Czech techno community on Friday night. Ben Klock will be accompanied on the stage by the British producer Setaoc Mass, French dj Arkan, and local Pink Concrete.

The industrial spaces will be complemented by the traditional site-specific light design by Multiverse Studios and the sound side will be taken care of by the uncompromising Funktion-One soundsystem.

Sound opens its doors on Friday 1 March at 10 pm. Pre-sales are still running, with tickets available at the door for 900 CZK.

More information can be found on the Facebook event or Instagram.

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