Jun 26, 2024

This Weekend: Royal Gardens of Prague Castle to Host a unique Garden Party

Anticipate a gourmet experience from all corners of Europe, live musical performances, a program for all ages, and a breathtaking view of Prague from the Belvedere terrace.

On the last weekend in June, the Royal Gardens of Prague Castle will be transformed into a unique Garden Party. From Friday, 28 June to Sunday, 30 June, over three dozen exhibitors will serve selected delicacies from all corners of Europe.

There will be a rich accompanying program, including musical performances by local and European artists such as Duo Duko, Charlie and the Chocolates, Ondřej Štveráček Jazz Trio, Petra Erneyi Jazz Trio, and Lače Manuša a Tibor Žida.

There will also be a program for kids, including Pan Kravata on Saturday morning. Additionally, schoolchildren can win a sweet reward for their diligence throughout the year.

The festival is a new project that not only celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Czech Republic’s entry into the European Union but also brings a unique atmosphere to the Royal Gardens and offers an opportunity to sample a variety of European delicacies. Special guests will include the popular French Markets, known for their charm and wide range of authentic dishes.

“We are continuing the tradition of the popular French Markets, which will be the special guest of the Garden Party this year. This concept can comfortably accommodate the growing number of visitors. The expanded range of exhibitors will cater to the tastes of a wider audience and offer other European delicacies such as French wines and cheese, Irish oysters, Greek olives, Spanish ham, Italian coffee and pasta, various Slovenian specialities, and much more. There will also be popular French traditions and offerings from the original markets,” says Thomas Bouton, founder and chief organizer of the Prague Garden Party.

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Originally a Renaissance Garden, the Royal Gardens will become an oasis of calm in the centre of Prague, inviting you to relax on the grass with a glass of bubbly, fine wine, cider, or even crémant.

The former medieval vineyards in the shadow of Prague Castle create the ideal backdrop for a Garden Party with selected European specialties. To enter, we recommend using the access to the gardens from the tram stops of lines 22 and 23, the Royal Summer Palace, or Prague Castle.

The Prague Castle Gardens will be open to festival visitors from Friday, 28 June to Sunday, 30 June, from 10 am to 8 pm each day. Admission is 150 CZK, and children under 15 are free.

The program and a complete list of exhibitors can be found here

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