Apr 05, 2024

Tips for the Weekend in Prague: Comic-Con, European Film Days and More!

Spring Fever spread all over Prague and the only cure is to get on board and discover the city through thrilling activities and exhibitions. The journey is already starting this weekend

Do you like sci-fi and horror? Turn your fantasies into reality and meet your real-life superheroes at the legendary pop culture festival Comic-Con.

It is happening from Friday 5th until Sunday 7th at O2 universum (Prague 9) where you can look forward to a program full of concerts, exhibitions, workshops and competitions. You might want to pose next to your favorite artists and actors, namely Bill Skarsgård, Emily Swallow or the Red Dwarf company for a limited photoshoot and autograph signing.

If, however, you want to see actors on screen, you have the unique opportunity to support the smaller European scene at the Eurofilmfest, taking place in different cinemas all around the Czech Republic, starting this Friday and ending on the 14th of April. Stay alert by following one of the many films about the ecological cause after lunch and witness a very special interview with Dalí after dinner. There will be films for all tastes and at all times.

Evoking Mother Earth, have you ever wondered how the metropolis world is perceived by plants and animals? Dive into the living world next door and discover beyond-belief facts at the new exhibition prepared by CAMP in collaboration with the creators of Planeta Praha. All your questions will be answered through virtual reality, you can even observe a unique panoramic projection of the hidden nature of Prague and all of that until the first of September.

Understandably, you want to enjoy the first signs of summer so enroll in an exclusive party at the Opening Vlny Štvanice this Saturday. Diverse and varied arsenal of activities for the little ones such as water and land boards, live music or dancing and/or for the big ones: pub quiz, drinking and drunk dancing, you might even end up with an everlasting memory (a tattoo?) on your left shoulder. Many more surprises await for you at this very special summer fest so do not miss your chance.

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Until Sunday 7th, the engaged artist Veronika Richterová will be exposing her colorful creations in the Fata Morgana greenhouse. Her unique garden is full of exotic flowers and animals made out of PET bottles she adopted along the sidewalks, inspired by her traveling history.

And if your weekend plans only made you want more adrenaline, take friends or family to the very famous St. Matthews Fair. Delightful attractions, exotic and local snacks, chills and thrills in the haunted castle and playgrounds count on you to show up at the holešovické Výstaviště until Sunday 14th.

Luckily, the world is not ending after this weekend and you can look forward to two exhibitions lasting all summer long. One of them KAFKAESQUE, offers the opportunity to jump back and retrace the steps of the 20th-century Prague author Franz Kafka as this year marks the 100th anniversary of his death. More than thirty artists will honor him in their way at the DOC Center for Contemporary Art until September 22.

The Czech Press Photo Exhibition volunteers to take a step back in the closer past and celebrate 2023 when the Czech Photo journalistic competition took place. More than 470 printed photographs, 240 images on screens and projections from 120 authors will be exposed in the New Building of the National Museum until the end of August.

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