Jun 12, 2024

Too Good To Go App Now in Czechia: Reduce Food Waste at Great Prices!

Too Good To Go, the world’s largest marketplace for surplus food, has launched in the Czech Republic. With more than 60 local businesses onboard, it aims to fight food waste across the country.

The app allows users to purchase surplus food from restaurants, bakeries, and shops at a reduced price. The company is currently partnering with businesses in Prague, including Myšák confectionery, Hilton Old Town Prague, and Costa Coffee.

Through the app, users can book and receive a surprise bag of surplus food at a reduced price. They simply need to pick up their order at the designated time and present their receipt from the app.

This initiative helps prevent good food from being thrown away.

Food waste is a significant issue in the Czech Republic, where 91 kilograms of food per capita are wasted annually, according to Eurostat. Globally, food waste contributes to ten percent of greenhouse gas emissions.

Since its launch in Denmark in 2016, Too Good To Go has saved over 330 million meals, preventing 891 billion kilograms of CO2 emissions, 267 billion liters of wasted water, and 924 square meters of wasted space each year.


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The app operates in 18 countries across Europe and North America, with 95 million registered users and 166,000 partners.

“We have just begun our journey in the Czech Republic with strong partners and a firm commitment to our mission: to inspire and encourage everyone to fight food waste together. At Too Good To Go, we want to help people and our favorite local brands contribute to a healthier and greener planet,” says Pavol Dzurjanin, Country Director for Too Good To Go Czech Republic.

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