Apr 09, 2024

Tradition and Innovation: the Timeless Charm of Pilsner Urquell Beer Hall in Obecní Dům

The breathtaking Pilsner Urquell Beer Hall underwent a revitalization, and it is about time to enter the culinary wonderland.

Prague’s Municipal House (Obecní dům) has seen it all and still stands triumphant on Náměstí Republiky. A sight for sore eyes from the outside, it is advocated to see all the treasures hidden behind those walls.

Since 1912, historical and cultural events have taken place inside and the tradition continues as the House keeps hosting events such as catering, exhibitions, banqueting, cocktail refreshments, and coffee breaks.

In 2022, the Pilsner Urquell Beer Hall got all dolled up with a little help from Vyšehrad 2000, a local catering company known for its culinary creativity that offered the place a chance to live a second youth.

A new bar (výčep) has been added to the pleasure of gourmet eyes of the guests who can now witness their dreams come true while liters of the well-known golden liquid (Pilsner Urquell) are flowing beside their tables. Beer is enough in most cases, but not when the opportunity to taste local Czech cuisine presents itself.


The menu has been meticulously selected to satisfy the most sensitive palates: the grand Czech classic starters including beef tartar are leading to the outstanding main dishes such as Pilsner Beef goulash or “svíčková”.

All the ingredients are local and fresh, so taking the opportunity to elevate your taste buds and let the waltz of flavors dance in your mouth with a Czech soup and a delicious dessert is highly recommended. Vegetarian options are on the menu, and fried cheese (smažak), presented as one of the most refined dishes, steals the show.

Meat eaters are well treated as the quality sausages and smoked meats are sourced from Bio Farma Dráb, and they can attend the traditional “zabijačka” (butcher’s feast) every February in the Beer Hall, one of multiple themed events organized here. Guests loyalty is valued and can be rewarded as the house offers a membership with a 15% discount on everything.

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The whole dining experience would not be complete if it was not enhanced by a touch of Czech Art Nouveau, surrounding the entire room just like the rest of the Municipal House, whose interiors have been designed by artists like Alfons Mucha, Jan Preisler and Ladislav Šaloun.

Plenty of wonders are held within the halls, lounges and rooms, hence the need for a guided tour of the House captivating its affluent past and covering all its quarters, offered in many languages and for all ages. The visits can be customized and privatized.

The route usually starts at the Smetana Hall, cultural heart of the house and architectural beauty, a concert venue with a capacity of 1200 which takes its name from the Czech music legend Bedřich Smetana.

A virtual tour is available online for those willing to be taken to another dimension.

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