Jan 24, 2024

Train Collision in Karvinsko Injures 16 People, Leaves Driver Dead

A fast train collided with a truck in Karvinsko, killing one person and injuring at least 16 people, officials said.

The Czech Railways said the driver of the train was killed. Police said their preliminary information shows dozens could be injured while the Czech Railways 16 people suffered injuries. Emergency services are currently at the scene.

The accident occurred early in the morning when a fast train heading for Prague, hit a truck at a crossing near the town of Bohumin. Authorities say an investigation is underway into the cause of the crash.

Czech Railways reported the collision on the Ostrava–Žilina line in the Bohumín–Dětmarovice section.

The rescue system is fully engaged, and the police have confirmed one fatality, with ongoing emergency response efforts.

The Railway Administration expects traffic disruptions throughout the day due to damage to the traction line, derailing of the locomotive, and a wagon.

According to firefighters’ spokeswoman Kamila Langerová, 35 people were travelling on the train.

Martin Kavka, a spokesman for the Railway Administration (SŽ), said the locomotive and one carriage were derailed after the collision and the overhead wires were damaged.

“Traffic may be stopped in the area for the whole day,” he told ČTK.

The accident happened at the level crossing, which is secured by traffic lights and barriers.




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