Oct 28, 2023

VIDEO: Bartender in Prague Refuses to Serve Jewish Customers

At the popular U Hrocha beer house in Prague’s Malá Strana, a bartender refused service to a group of three Jewish people – two men and a woman.

The situation escalated to the point where police had to step in.

The incident occurred last Wednesday evening, on October 25, and was initially reported by CNN Prima News.

According to witnesses and the victims, the Jewish guests, one of whom was wearing a yarmulke, attempted to order beer. However, the bartender claimed they had run out, even as he continued to serve other customers.

The bartender went on to argue that the Jewish customers had angered him with their supposed association with a nearby “retarded demonstration,” which, in reality, was organized by supporters of Palestine, not Israel.

When they clarified that they had no involvement in the demonstration, the bartender abruptly declared there was no space left in the pub and gestured towards the door, adding, “Forget you all.”

This exchange escalated into a verbal altercation. One of the victims pulled out a smartphone to film the incident. At this point, a regular customer, whose identity was later documented by the police, entered the scene and attempted to forcibly take the phone, pushing the woman and hurling anti-Semitic slurs.

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A witness confirmed the victim’s account, stating that the woman did indeed try to take the phone from her hands. This physical altercation drew in other pub employees and some customers seated at the bar, leading to a chaotic situation.

Fortunately, nearby police officers, present due to the pro-Palestinian demonstration, swiftly intervened. They identified all parties involved and managed to restore calm. Currently, investigators are examining the incident.

Reports on social media indicate that this incident is not isolated at “U Hrocha.” Similar episodes, involving individuals of various nationalities, have occurred in previous years.

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