Sep 11, 2023

Czechia to Host Euro 2024 Qualifying Match Ukraine vs. North Macedonia

The Euro 2024 qualifying match between Ukraine and North Macedonia will take place in the Czech Republic. Ukrainian team’s head coach, Serhiy Rebrov, announced this on Saturday, September 9.

The match is scheduled for October 14 (Saturday). Rebrov did not specify the Czech city where it will occur, and the Football Association of Ukraine has not yet made an official announcement.

However, in August, Slavia Prague offered Ukraine a free qualifying match at its stadium in Vršovice. Most likely, the game will take place there.

“The Ukrainian national team asked our partners to host their qualifying match somewhere. We offered our stadium with the condition that if they choose it, we will provide a full set of services absolutely free of charge. This means we will provide training sessions and the match itself. When the Czech national team plays, the rental cost is usually around 2.5 million crowns. By providing Ukraine with free rent, we want to assist this country,” said Slavia chairman of the board, Jaroslav Tvrdik, earlier.

The Eden Arena (Fortuna Arena) is currently the most modern soccer arena in the Czech Republic. It was constructed in 2008 and can accommodate 19,370 spectators, with all seats under a canopy to protect spectators from the weather.

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The Ukrainian national team will play its next Euro 2024 qualifying match on September 12 away against Italy, followed by a nominally home match against North Macedonia.

Currently, after four games, Ukraine is in second place in its qualifying group.

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