Oct 03, 2023

Czech FM Calls to Start Ukraine’s EU Accession Talks in Autumn

EU accession negotiations with Ukraine should be opened in autumn 2023 or early next year, Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský said at the meeting of EU foreign ministers in Kyiv on Monday.

According to Lipavský, the meeting in Kyiv was not just symbolic but also included important discussions about practical solutions on what the EU can do to ensure peace in Europe.

“It was clearly stated that if Ukraine is in the European Union, it will be a clear security guarantee because the European Union is also a peace project. However, it is true that Ukraine must change, and adapt its law to EU law. It is a long run,” Lipavský said, as quoted by the Czech News Agency.

During the meeting in Kyiv, Lipavský emphasised that EU accession negotiations with Ukraine should be opened in the autumn or early next year.

“This is a technical process during which it will be assessed how ready Ukraine is. It will be clear to see where it still needs to work,” the Czech minister noted, adding that it is in Europe’s interest that Ukraine is able to adopt all the necessary standards and adapt its legal system.

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Monday’s meeting in Kyiv represents the first time ever that diplomatic representatives of all EU member countries met outside the EU or one at war.

Ukraine and Moldova were granted EU candidate status last year.

In October, the European Commission should publish a written report on Ukraine’s progress in its path to EU accession. In December, the EU-27 member states could decide whether to open accession talks. That would require unanimous support.

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