Oct 30, 2023

Prague Remains Committed to Supporting Ukraine’s Sovereignty, Czech President Says

Prague remains committed to supporting Ukraine’s sovereignty, said President Petr Pavel during an Oct. 27 meeting with foreign ambassadors – a meeting to which the Russian ambassador was not invited.

“If Ukraine falls, we all fall,” Pavel said, adding that “current conflicts” cannot be resolved by simply listening to both sides and drawing an imaginary line somewhere in the middle, amid gross violations of international law in Ukraine and Russia’s attacks on innocent people.

He also called for listening to the opinions and problems of other people with empathy and respect, without prejudice or judgment.

Meanwhile, the third Ukrainian Peace Formula meeting started in Malta on Oct. 28 at the level of foreign policy and national security advisors, with more than 65 countries participating.

Previous meetings were held in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The goal is to hold a Global Peace Summit at the level of heads of state and government.

In November 2022, at the G20 summit, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy presented a 10-point peace formula, including the restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity, the withdrawal of Russian troops, the release of all prisoners, a tribunal for those responsible for the aggression, and security guarantees for Ukraine.

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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz expressed full support for President Zelenskyy’s peace formula on Sept. 12.

On Aug. 12, the Presidential Administration’s head Andriy Yermak announced that 58 states support the Zelenskyy’s peace formula.

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