Aug 10, 2023

Two-Thirds of Ukrainian Refugees in Czechia Earn Less than 150 CZK per Hour

Ukrainian refugees residing in the Czech Republic struggle to earn 150 Czech CZK per hour, placing them below the income poverty threshold.

A striking seven out of ten Ukrainian refugees find themselves living beneath the income poverty line.

The findings from a PAQ Research Voice of Ukrainians survey reveal that nearly two-thirds of Ukrainians fail to earn a net income of 150 CZK per hour.

Among the refugee population over the age of 17, 67% are employed within the Czech Republic. This marks a substantial increase compared to the 45% of refugees who were employed during the corresponding period a year ago.

However, within the working Ukrainian population, 60% are engaged in jobs that do not align with their skill sets.

Around 55% of the refugees are engaged in precarious employment, often characterized by challenging working conditions. The primary obstacle to securing employment, as indicated by newcomers, is their lack of proficiency in the Czech language. The non-recognition of qualifications and limited access to childcare facilities are also mentioned as hurdles.

Given these circumstances, the survey organizers recommend bolstering Czech language courses, providing aid in securing suitable employment, and implementing periodic evaluations.

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Particularly vulnerable are families with children and the elderly. Seven out of ten individuals are grappling with material deprivation, which encompasses challenges such as unexpected expenses, inadequate clothing, limited use of transportation, infrequent dining out, insufficient heating, and limited access to meat.

Conducted on a voluntary basis throughout June, this survey represents the sixth iteration of its kind, involving 1,425 households and 3,789 refugees from Ukraine. The authors’ primary objective is to gain insights into the present circumstances of individuals who arrived in the Czech Republic following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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