Jul 05, 2024

“Ukrainian Workers Are Crucial for Czech Economic Health,” Says Politician

Aleš Juchelka (ANO), deputy speaker of the Chamber of Deputies and shadow minister of labour and social affairs, stated that the “Czech economy heavily relies on Ukrainian workers”.

He highlighted that culturally, the Czech Republic and Ukraine share many similarities, making the integration smoother. Juchelka expressed gratitude for the contributions of Ukrainians, without whom the Czech economy would struggle.

Juchelka noted that around 120,000 Ukrainian refugees are now part of the Czech workforce, filling crucial roles such as drivers, waiters, and construction workers.

He emphasized that these individuals are “not only working but also contributing to the system, underscoring their importance to the economy”.

In addition to Ukrainians, Juchelka pointed out that the Czech Republic attracts people from Western countries as well.

He mentioned that “many are drawn to the country because it is one of the safest places in the world. The safety factor is a significant pull for those looking to relocate, especially for those weary of illegal migration in other parts of Europe”.

The politician also highlighted several other factors that make the Czech Republic appealing. He mentioned the country’s wealth, strategic location, and excellent healthcare system as major attractions.

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These aspects contribute to making the Czech Republic “not only a safe place to live but also a prosperous one”.

As of 01 May, 339,305 Temporary Protection holders from Ukraine were recorded in the Czechia by the Ministry of Interior, after the re-registration process concluded in March 2024.

According to official statistics, 1,065,740 foreigners lived in the Czech Republic at the end of 2023. Compared to the first year of Czech independence in 1993, around 14 times more foreigners live in the country.

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