Mar 14, 2024

UK’s Best DJ of 2023 to Perform at Roxy in Prague

Roxy Club, known for its focus on cutting-edge electronic music, will feature Scottish DJ and producer Ewan McVicar on March 16th. 

Originally from Ayr, the Scottish producer and DJ is particularly known for his unique fusion of house and techno.

His breakthrough came in 2020 with the release of the “Street Rave” EP on Trick, a label run by one of his idols. The EP’s energetic sound resonated with audiences across the UK.

McVicar’s talent gained recognition from established labels like Nervous Records and Shall Not Fade, solidifying his position in the dance music scene.

A defining moment in McVicar’s career was the release of “Tell Me Something Good” in 2021. The track garnered him the title of “Best Single of the Year” by DJ Mag and achieved platinum sales status.

McVicar is not just a studio artist; he’s a sought-after DJ known for his energetic sets that showcase his diverse influences and love for music.

He’s starting to get a lot of bookings around the world, and recordings of his live sets on YouTube attracting a lot of a positive reactions from fans around the world.

You’ll find a lot of excellent live performance footage on YouTube (we recommend his Boiler Room set, which is all made from his productions), as well as checking out his name on streaming services.

You can buy the tickets here

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