Oct 09, 2023

Unemployment in the Czech Republic Remains Steady at 3.6% in September

In September, the unemployment rate in the Czech Republic held steady at 3.6 percent, mirroring the figures from August.

The number of people actively seeking employment increased by approximately 2,200 on a monthly basis, totaling 263,000 by the end of September.

The number of available job positions rose by around 800, reaching 282,000 compared to the previous month. In a year-on-year comparison, the unemployment rate was slightly higher by one-tenth of a percentage point.

The Czech Republic boasts the lowest unemployment rate across the entire European Union.

Earlier this year, unemployment had steadily declined to 3.4 percent between March and June. However, there was a slight uptick in July following four months of decline, which continued into August.

During September, 47,778 new individuals registered with the Labour Office, marking a 13,135 increase compared to the previous month.

The Labour Office reported that 31,326 individuals secured new employment opportunities, with many finding jobs in the education wholesale trade, healthcare, public administration, metal construction, and food products sectors.

The highest unemployment rates persisted in the Ústí nad Labem region at 5.6 percent and the Moravian-Silesian region at 4.9 percent.

Conversely, the lowest unemployment rate was recorded in the South Bohemian Region at 2.6 percent, followed closely by the Zlín Region and the Vysočina Region, both at 2.7 percent.

Employers expressed the highest demand for building construction workers, forklift truck operators, warehouse workers, assembly workers, truck and tractor-trailer drivers, cooks, cleaners, bricklayers, masons, and tilers.

Prague led the demand with over 85,700 job openings, followed by the Central Bohemian Region, where more than 55,000 employees were sought after.

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