VIDEO: Czech Police Detained Man for Not Wearing a Face Mask

Police officers in Uherské Hradiště are facing criticism for Wednesday’s intervention against a man for not wearing a face mask or a respirator. The man was walking outside with his child.

According to mayor Stanislav Blaha (ODS), both police officers are currently out of service. “We’re sorry the child witnessed it, but before I come to any hasty conclusions, I will first investigate what really happened, and what preceded the incident,” he added.

The man repeatedly refused to prove his identity and wear a respirator. In addition, according to the officers, he tried to leave the place.

As of Monday, March 1, 2021, at least a surgical mask, respirator, or similarly protective device is mandatory in the built-up areas of cities.

In the riskiest places, such as shops or public transport, two surgical masks are no longer an option. People have to wear at least a respirator FFP2 or nano-filter mask.

The respirator becomes mandatory at work as well. Employees will be able to take it off only if they are alone in their workplace.

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