Dec 10, 2023

VIDEO: Swiss Panoramic Train to Continue Riding in Czechia in 2024

The Swiss panoramic carriage, Apm61 Pano, is set to enchant Czech rail travelers until at least December 2024, as confirmed by České dráhy, the Czech railway company.

Introduced to the Czech railway landscape in June 2023, the carriage is an integral part of the international train EC 106/107 Porta Moravica, linking Graz (Austria) and Przemyśl (Poland).

The train’s route ensures mandatory stops in key Czech cities, namely Břeclav, Přerov, Ostrava, and Bohumín (Břeclav – Přerov – Ostrava – Bohumín).

Featuring 54 first-class seats, the carriage stands out with its partially glazed roof and elevated floor, promising passengers a superior view compared to regular counterparts. Travelers can relish breathtaking vistas of Moravia and the Alpine scenery throughout their journey.

The cars rode for 30 years in Switzerland and neighboring countries, most recently as part of the Gotthard Panorama Express.

“Thanks to the large arched panoramic windows, passengers enjoy up to 90 percent larger views compared to regular cars, and the angle from which they can observe is increased by 25 percent, to 40 percent,” Czech Railways spokesperson Petr Šťáhlavský states in a press release.

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The cars were specifically designed for travel through regions known for their scenic mountain landscapes and river valleys, such as the Alps or the Rhine Valley In 2010, the cars underwent modernization, which included the installation of electrical sockets to accommodate portable travel electronics such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

A ticket covering the Břeclav to Ostrava route, complete with a reserved seat, cost CZK 473 and can be purchased through the official website of České dráhy.


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