Jan 18, 2024

Wenceslas Square Transformation: Tram Tracks Return in 2024, Major Makeover Unveiled

The Prague Transport Company (DPP) has signed a deal with Eurovia CS, the winning bidder of the autumn 2023 tender, to lay tram tracks on the upper part of Wenceslas Square.

The contract, valued at 1.24 billion crowns excluding VAT, includes a large-scale reconstruction set to start in mid-February 2024 and span about three years, according to city councillor Adam Scheinherr’s announcement on Thursday, January 18.

The reintroduction of trams to Wenceslas Square, discontinued on December 13, 1980, is a crucial aspect of the comprehensive square reconstruction.

Wenceslas Square, measuring 682 meters in length and approximately 60 meters in width, underwent a reconstruction initiative that began in 2020, primarily focusing on the lower part of the square.

In line with architect Jakub Ziegler’s design, tram tracks will stretch from the National Museum to the Můstek metro station exit, merging with existing tracks linking Vodičková and Jindřišská streets.

While trams once traversed the square’s center, the new layout place them along the edges.

Noteworthy disruptions include the closure of one Muzeum metro entrance to replace the underground passage’s ceiling slab. In spring, tram traffic on the Jindřišská – Vodičkova section will face a temporary halt.

Beyond tram tracks, the project involves the replacement of water and gas pipelines and installation of a new sewerage system.

The project envisages a traffic-free zone with more greenery, more space for pedestrians, a wider promenade and more outdoor seating arrangements.


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