Jul 04, 2024

Will the Shops Be Open on July 5th and 6th?

For most of us, a long weekend is ahead. On Friday, July 5, we celebrate the arrival of the Slavic evangelists Cyril and Methodius in the Czech lands, and on Saturday, July 6, we commemorate the Day of the Burning of Master Jan Hus.

On March 1, 2016, a law restricting sales in areas of more than 200 square meters was enacted. It typically applies to large shopping centers and supermarkets, excluding small convenience stores, “večerky,” gas stations, and pharmacies.

Will the shops be open this year? The answer is yes, for most. These public holidays are not subject to the Retail and Wholesale Sales Hours Act, which came into force on 1 October 2016.

According to this law, stores over 200 square meters must be closed during designated public holidays. In addition to stores, second-hand stores, pawnbrokers and similar shops must remain closed.

The law also divides public holidays into two categories according to whether or not the stores are closed.

Public holidays when stores must be closed:

January 1 – New Year’s Day
April 1 – Easter Monday
May 8 – Liberation Day
September 28 – Statehood Day
October 28 – Independence Day
December 24 – Christmas Eve (after 12:00 pm)
December 25 – Christmas Day
December 26 – 2nd Day of Christmas

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Public holidays when stores can be open:

March 29 – Good Friday
May 1 – May Day (or International Worker’s Day)
July 5 – St. Cyryl and St. Methodius Day
July 6 – Jan Hus Day
November 17 – Freedom and Democracy Day
December 24 – Christmas Eve (until 12:00 pm)

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