Mar 04, 2024

Woman Killed in Prague Tram Accident, Driver on the Run

A woman tragically lost her life on Monday afternoon after being struck by a tram in Prague’s Smichov district.

The accident occurred on Plzeňská Street shortly after 3:30 PM.

According to police spokesperson Jan Rybanský, “The pedestrian was hit by a tram and thrown onto the roadway, where she was subsequently struck by a passing car. Unfortunately, the driver of the car fled the scene, and police are currently searching for him.”

The incident caused significant traffic disruptions, with authorities closing the Motol-Anděl section in both directions.

Replacement buses are currently operating, while tram lines 9, 10, 15, and 16 are affected. Inbound trams are terminating at the Anděl stop, while outbound trams are operating normally on the Sídliště Řepy-Motol route.

The transport company restored regular traffic flow by around 5:00 pm, although they caution that this timeframe may be extended.

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