Feb 15, 2024

Would You Pay CZK 7,300 for the Annual Transit Pass?

One year into their term, the Prague coalition remains tight-lipped on publicly addressing potential public transport fare increases.

However, a proposal to double the annual pass price from CZK 3,650 to CZK 7,300 has sparked debate.

Deputy Mayor Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates) confirmed receiving several proposals from coalition partners, including the doubling option. He declared it “too high, an extreme jump in price” and unacceptable.

According to Deník N, Prague 9 mayor Tomáš Portlík (ODS) proposed the CZK 7,300 fee, facing criticism on social media. The Green Party, who advocated for a CZK 10 daily fare in 2015, warned that doubling fares would render public transport unaffordable.

While the coalition hasn’t confirmed specific amounts, they acknowledge the current pricing as “unusually low.” Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda (ODS) mentioned the inevitability of a fare increase but not this year.

With over CZK 100 billion flowing annually into city coffers, most allocated to current spending, Prague politicians unanimously see public transport’s financial viability as a challenge.

Hřib stressed the need to address parking fees alongside, or even before, fare adjustments. He stated that the current subsidized price of CZK 1,200 per year for a blue zone parking permit in one district significantly surpasses public transport subsidies.

He highlighted the significantly higher costs of long-term private parking, emphasizing the city’s de facto greater subsidy for parking than public transport.

While details regarding a new annual parking permit price remain undisclosed, discussions on revising the parking zone system are ongoing.

The transport committee might address the fare issue next week, following calls for discussion by Prague 13 Mayor David Vodrážka (ODS) and Councillor for Finance Zdeněk Kovářík (ODS).

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