Mar 21, 2023

The 12 Best Rooftops in Prague

Best Rooftops in Prague

Prague has one of the most beautiful skylines in Europe. Getting above the rooftops as often as possible is highly recommended, and there are many places to both eat and drink at rooftop venues.

The following few rooftop bars are our personally recommended ones. Unfortunately, they aren’t going to be your most affordable nights out, but they will be your most memorable.

1. Terasa U Zlaté studně

  • Address: U Zlaté studně 166/4, 118 00 Malá Strana, Czechia
  • Phone number: +420 257 533 322

Terasa U Zlaté studně is one of the best-kept secrets of Prague’s Lesser Town, hidden away in the cobbled back streets.

The panoramic views that this gorgeous terrace offers are truly second to none, making it one of the best rooftop bars in Prague by far. It sits atop a 16th-century building that has privileged views across the city’s rooftops, perfect for a photo backdrop.

This is a rooftop restaurant where it isn’t all about the view, though, because the food is also fantastic.

2. Strecha Lucerny

  • Address: Pasáž Lucerna 110 00, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia
  • Phone number: +420 604 707 686

The Strecha Lucerny rooftop can be found on top of the Lucerna Palace, with beautiful views of the city.

This is the events space to top all events spaces, with lectures, screenings, concerts and more being held right here in the open air. The space aims to support community life and promote public enlightenment through cultural events.

It’s well worth checking out their events calendar because they host some of Prague’s best events.

3. Terasa U Prince

  • Address: Hotel U Prince, Staroměstské nám. 29
  • Phone number: +420 739 609 779

On the fifth floor of Hotel U Prince, you’ll find the gorgeous Terasa U Prince, sure to become one of your favourite rooftop bars in Prague.

It’s nestled right in the UNESCO-protected historical heart of the city, meaning it offers some of the best views around.

The rooftop is partly covered and heated, so it can stay open year-round, which is always a plus.


4. Duplex

  • Address: Václavské nám. 21
  • Phone number: +420 732 221 111

Duplex is one of the city’s most famous clubs, and it also happens to have one of the best rooftop bars in Prague.

It’s a beautiful spot whether you want lunch, dinner or a party, as it offers it all. With beautiful views of the city’s rooftops, it’s also a fab place for daytime drinks in the sunshine.


5. CottoCrudo

  • Address: Veleslavínova 1098/2a, 110 00 Josefov
  • Phone number: +420 221 426 880

CottoCrudo is a gorgeous restaurant with a seasonal outdoor terrace that overlooks the Vltava River.

The restaurant serves a mixture of Italian and Mediterranean classics with a delicious modern twist.

It’s also a Michelin Guide restaurant, which tells you all you need to know about the quality of the food!

Found at the iconic Four Seasons hotel, this is a restaurant that oozes class and elegance and is perfect for a special occasion.

Gaze out over Prague’s beautiful waterfront as you enjoy their delicious dishes – the Duck Ravioli is meant to be amazing!

6. Glass Bar

  • Address: Jiráskovo nám. 1981/6, 120 00 Nové Město
  • Phone number: +420 703 651 330

Glass Bar is located on top of the famous and iconic Dancing House building, with views of the Vltava River.

The relaxed vibe here makes it a place where people want to be, while the incredible views make it even more appealing.


7. Cloud 9 Sky Bar & Lounge

  • Address: Pobřežní 1, 186 00 Karlín
  • Phone number: +420 224 842 999

Cloud 9 Sky Bar & Lounge is one of the very best rooftop bars in Prague, without a shadow of a doubt.

Its privileged position 40 metres above the ground gives it stunning views of the Vltava River below. The bar sits atop the Hilton Prague, and it has a glamorous feel to it thanks to its lavish décor and funky lighting.


8. Fashion Club & Restaurant

  • Address: Shopping mall Kotva, Náměstí Republiky 8
  • Phone number: +420 774 969 661

Fashion Club & Restaurant is a unique spot with a beautiful terrace that offers unbeatable views of the historical centre.

This fantastic space has set a new standard for Prague’s nightlife and has fast become the place to be. It is also a restaurant by day, where you can enjoy amazing modern international cuisine in a stylish setting.


9. Sluneční terasa T-Anker

  • Address: náměstí Republiky 656/8 OD Kotva
  • Phone number: +420 722 445 474

Sluneční terasa T-Anker is an oasis of calm and respite in the heart of the city.

Delight your tastebuds with their delicious menu as you admire the unforgettable views from the terrace. They have a rotating selection of up to 12 beers on tap at any one time, so this is the place to be for beer lovers.

It’s important to them to support local mini-breweries, so you’ll find beer here that you won’t find anywhere else.


10. Balcony Bar

  • Address: Jungmannovo nám. 17, 110 00 Můstek
  • Phone number: +420 602 468 864

Balcony Bar is a vibrant bar with one of the best rooftop balconies in town.

They serve a range of creative cocktails alongside light bites tapas-style to satisfy your hunger pangs. It’s cosy and charming, and it’s easily one of the most amazing rooftop bars in Prague.

The bar has become incredibly popular over the years and is now a firm favourite among locals and tourists alike.


11. Coda Restaurant at the Aria Hotel

  • Address: Tržiště 368/9, 118 00 Malá Strana
  • Phone number: +420 225 334 761

Coda Restaurant at the Aria Hotel is a stylish fine dining rooftop spot with views across the city.

The hotel itself is a luxury music-themed boutique hotel, and it has a real luxe feel about it. For an unforgettable dining experience in a unique space with art by Picasso and Dalí on the wall, Coda is the spot.

From spring to autumn, the rooftop terrace opens its doors so you can breathe the fresh air as you dine.

12. Aureole

  • Address: Hvězdova 1716/2b, 140 00 Praha 4-Nusle
  • Phone number: +420 603 401 200

Aureole is yet another fantastic fine dining rooftop bar in Prague, with some of the best views in town.

If you’re after modern Mediterranean cuisine, then you’re sure to find it here at Aureole. Located a whopping 109 metres above the ground, the vistas from up here are breathtakingly beautiful.

Indulge in the tuna tartare followed by the grilled octopus with Guazzetto sauce for a truly mind-blowing meal.

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