Apr 29, 2024

Billie Eilish Tour Dates Announced for New Album: Prague on the List!

Billie Eilish has announced an 81-date world tour starting later this year. The What Was I Made For singer confirmed dates in North America, Australia and Europe from September.

Billie previously told the music website Billboard that her latest tour would be her most sustainable yet and she’s partnered with an environmental group to organize it.

Tickets for the tour – named after the upcoming album Hit Me Hard And Soft – go on sale on 3 May. Billie will start in Canada on 29 September before taking her show to the US in October.

She will perform in Prague at O2 Arena on June 1st, 2025.

Billie is a long-standing climate campaigner and she committed to making her last tour in 2022 “climate positive”, meaning it would eliminate more emissions than it produced.

She partnered with Reverb, a non-profit organization that works to promote sustainability in the music industry and will be working with them again on this tour.

Initiatives include reducing single-use plastics, offering plant-based food options, and donating a portion of profits to funding climate projects.

For Hit Me Hard And Soft, which is set to be released on 17 May, Billie’s also announced plans to limit the impact of physical copies. This includes making vinyl copies out of recycled vinyl with the packaging and album sleeves also made from recycled materials.

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The singer has announced she would not be releasing any singles in advance, saying she wants fans to hear the album “in one go”.

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