Dec 19, 2023

Cronuts Go On! Oh Deer Bakery Becomes Luna Bakery under New Ownership

In the evolving tale of Czech cronuts, the doughnuts crafted from croissant dough, the chapters continue.

Contrary to the initial announcement, the Oh Deer Bakery’s branches have not bid farewell; they are thriving under fresh management.

David Beránek, the new owner, has not only taken the reins but has also bestowed a new identity upon them—Luna Bakery. The final unveiling of this rebranding is anticipated in the coming weeks.

Since December 15, the two shops located at Dejvická 34 and Purkynova 2, are now managed by David Beránek. Not a novice in the gastronomic scene, Beránek is also the CEO of La Cucina and behind several other culinary ventures.

The new website states “Dear customers, just like a marriage sometimes breaks up, our relationship with the founder of OH DEER Bakery, Lukáš Vašek, has ended. As the producers of the products and owners of the two branches in Purkyňova and Dejvicka, we will continue to operate the bakery with our own products that you were used to buying from us or Rohlik. During the following months, we will rebrand and operate the branches under a new name. The assortment will not change, you can buy kroblihy, bread, sweet pastries and other goodies. In the future we are planning a lot of new products, not only on our shelves. Thank you and we hope that you will remain loyal to us and our products.”

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On December 6th, Vašek announced the closure of all the Oh Deer Bakery’s branches in Prague, due to “a decline in the quality of the cronuts and a surge in customer complaints.


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Established in 2017, Oh Deer Bakery specialized in cronut, a cross between a donut and a flaky croissant. Created in 2013 by a French-American pastry chef, the cronut quickly rose to fame as a desirable dessert. Besides the cronuts, Oh Deer Bakery also sold cronut cakes, American-style donuts, and traditional Czech-style donuts.

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