Dec 06, 2023

Oh Deer Bakery Faces Closure in Prague Due to Quality Decline

Oh Deer Bakery, founded by Lukáš Vašek in 2017, is set to cease its operations in Prague by mid-December.

The decision stems from the burnout experienced by the bakery owner, who delegated production to a third party. This move, however, proved a decline in the quality of the cronuts – doughnuts crafted from croissant dough – and a surge in customer complaints.

Regretting the decision made a year ago to outsource production due to personal exhaustion, Lukáš Vasek shared on social media, “I was tired, worn down, burned to the ground, and this seemed like a fine solution. Unfortunately, it fell apart. In the last few weeks, it culminated in countless messages from you that were not fun to read at all.”

On Friday, December 15, all three Oh Deer branches will bid farewell to customers for the last time.

Vašek, currently contemplating a comeback strategy, emphasized on Instagram, “I’ve always said rather than do it wrong, I’d rather close”.

He embarked on the cronuts venture with no prior experience, introducing doughnuts made from croissant dough at Oh Deer Bakery in 2017. The business flourished, expanding its presence in Prague and establishing an international branch in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on January 10.


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Initially offering cronuts with limited flavors like raspberry, lemon, or pistachio, Vašek later introduced popular varieties filled with caramel and Nutella.

These innovative products became a major hit, drawing crowds willing to endure long queues.

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