Jul 13, 2023

Czech Government Will Pay to be Included in Michelin Gastronomic Guide

The Czech gastronomic world can rejoice as the government has decided to pay Michelin for its inclusion in the culinary guide.

“Michelin stars and other gastronomic recognitions not only add value to restaurants but also serve as a tool to promote the Czech Republic internationally, boost tourism, and generate revenue for the country,” said Tomáš Karpíšek, head of the Ambiente gastronomic group.

The issue has raised controversy due to the state of public finances but the government said the 50 million crown fee for the next five years would be well-invested since it would attract more tourists to the country.

The cost is to be divided between the state, regions and the private sector.

The debate surrounding Michelin stars in the Czech Republic has been intense in recent days. Some argue that Michelin focuses solely on expensive establishments in the capital. They claim that most Czech society stands to gain nothing from it, making it unworthy of sending any money to the company.

Others argue that the Michelin Guide enhances the country’s visibility to more sophisticated tourists who seek more than cheap alcohol, thus bringing in additional revenue. They emphasize that the gastronomic guide has the potential to attract people from abroad to other regions of the Czech Republic, leading to increased sales of accommodations and other services.

“Government-paid agencies and organizations annually spend hundreds of millions on campaigns to encourage domestic and foreign tourists to explore various Czech and Moravian cities and regions. However, the majority of visitors still flock to Prague. The Michelin Guide, wherever it manages to leave an impression, has the potential to attract tourists and contribute to regional development by strengthening travel,” added Karpíšek.

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“Gastronomy plays a crucial role in destination choices. It’s not just the wealthiest who make decisions based on the Michelin Guide. Groups that prioritize gastronomy tend to stay longer in destinations and spend more than others. Promoting gastronomy is therefore vital for the Czech Republic to remain competitive as a tourist destination compared to neighboring countries,” added Veronika Hešíková, spokesperson for the Ministry of Regional Development.

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