Nov 02, 2023

Former MP Dominik Feri Senteced to Three Years For Rape

The District Court for Prague 3 today sentenced former MP Dominik Feri to three years in prison for two rapes and one attempted rape. He was found guilty on all counts.

The decision is not final, but Feri is expected to appeal it to the Prague City Court. The former politician has repeatedly denied his guilt.

“The court established that the defendant committed sexual violence against all three victims,” said Judge Lenka Hájková.

The prosecutor accused Feri of three acts, two of which she said occurred in March and November 2016 at his Prague 3 apartment.

One of the girls was 17 years old at the time, and the prosecutor alleges that Feri gave her a soft drink when she wanted to leave, after which she became “partially unconscious.”

Mr. Feri – then a high-profile member of the TOP 09 party – resigned in 2021 after media outlets carried a series of allegations of sexual impropriety against him.

The third incident happened in 2018, according to the prosecution, when Feri invited a woman to the Chamber of Deputies for a possible internship. Investigators stated that he attempted to kiss and grope the woman, but she managed to leave. The prosecution qualifies the case as attempted rape, proposing a three-year prison sentence for Feri.

“I might have, let us say, not met the expectations of some girls, I am saying that with all humility. But I have never committed any violence, any sexual violence,” Feri said.

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Denik N and Alarm published the testimonies of several women, claiming Feri had behaved inappropriately from 2015-2020. Some said he had forced them to have sex with him even though they had clearly refused. Others said he had solicited explicit pictures from them and had publicly shamed them.

The district court commenced the case in February this year, with additional hearings held in April and at the end of October. Due to the sensitive nature of the girls’ data, the public was excluded from most of the hearings.

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