Mar 05, 2024

Hidden Fees at Euronet ATMs: Czech Banks Advise Caution

Czech banks are urging customers to think twice before using Euronet ATMs, citing concerns over unclear fees charged for displaying account balances.

Reporter Janek Rubes has been raising concerns about Euronet’s practices for some time, and recently highlighted a new fee that some customers may be unknowingly paying.

Several banks are advising against using Euronet ATMs due to a fee charged for displaying account balances, even if the customer doesn’t request it.

Ondřej Kozák, director of Euronet ČR, claims the banks themselves set these fees, and Euronet has no control over them. However, the banks argue that Euronet’s service is not transparent to their customers.

In a recent video, Rubes pointed out that Euronet ATMs charge customers for balance information without displaying it after they enter their PIN.


Customers are presented with two options: “Cash & Balance” and “Other.” Selecting “Cash & Balance” under the assumption it simply displays the balance triggers a fee before any money is withdrawn.

“We introduced this feature in good faith, believing it would be convenient for customers to see their balance along with their withdrawal,” said Kozak. “Euronet doesn’t charge for this service. Fees are always determined by the customer’s bank, and in most cases, banks don’t charge for this service.”

However, banks like Komerční banka (KB) disagree. “We advise clients to avoid Euronet ATMs,” said Michal Teubner, a spokesperson for KB. He reminded customers that balance inquiries are free within the shared ATM network, which includes ATMs of KB, Air Bank, Moneta Money Bank, and UniCredit Bank.

Michaela Průchová, spokesperson for ČSOB, believes Euronet’s approach is misleading. “The ATM operator should clearly inform the customer about the services offered and the associated costs,” she stated. “We consider Euronet’s approach a significant error. If customers are charged for a service they didn’t receive, they should contact their card issuer to file a complaint.”

Česká spořitelna also finds Euronet’s communication methods misleading and is seeking a solution. “Euronet charges a fee when a customer requests to see their balance, but we haven’t received confirmation if the balance is actually displayed,” said bank spokesperson Lukáš Kropík.

While the Czech National Bank (ČNB) doesn’t oversee independent ATMs like Euronet’s, spokesperson Štěpánka Filipová stated they are prepared to intervene if the issue persists. “The ČNB is ready to work with all parties involved, including Euronet, banks, and card schemes, to find a solution,” she said.

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