Jan 23, 2024

Interior Ministry Introduces Updated Law for Foreigners’ Entry & Stay in Czechia

A new law regulating the entry and stay of internationals has been finalized by Czechia’s Ministry of the Interior, which, by digitalising the residence agenda, will accelerate the residence procedure and contribute to a more transparent legal regulation of the stay of internationals.

Confirming that it has revised the existing law related to the entry and stay of internationals in the country, the Ministry of the Interior considered the current law “outdated” and, as a result of frequent amendments, “confusing”.

The main change in the law is the digitalization of the residence agenda, while there will not be any substantial changes related to the conditions for granting a residence permit.

The Ministry has stressed that in parallel with the preparation of the new law, a new information system is being built. This system will incorporate the creation of an electronic identity and a foreigner’s account designed for non-citizens.

“With digitization, we will speed up the residency procedure and reduce the administrative burden. The whole process will be easier and faster. Foreigners will be able to communicate online with the authorities from home and vice versa. This will make it easier not only for our workplaces, which are in charge of residence procedures, but also for the foreigners themselves,” said the Minister of the Interior Vít Rakušan

The Minister emphasised that the new law does not facilitate the rules in terms of granting residence, but it clarifies the legal regulation of the stay of internationals.

Besides, the bill also consists of changes in the registration of European Union citizens who want to stay in Czechia for more than 90 days.

The role of the so-called guarantor will also be emphasised – a person or entity (educational, scientific or cultural institution, employer, sports club, etc.) who guarantees the purpose of the foreigner’s stay in our territory. The law will define the rights and obligations of the guarantor, which will strengthen the responsibility of these entities in the residence procedure.

The new law, as well as the new information system, are set to take effect on January 1, 2026.

According to the Ministry, registration of EU citizens will continue to be voluntary in 2026, and it is expected to become mandatory only from 2027.

The new law has passed the interdepartmental comment procedure and will now be submitted to the government.

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