Aug 01, 2023

Brno Mayor Markéta Vaňková Ready to Resign Over White Powder Photo

The mayor of Brno, Markéta Vaňková of the Civic Democrats, says she is ready to resign from the post in connection with a photograph of her and a white powder reminiscent of cocaine.

Speculations about the substance being cocaine have surfaced, yet the photo’s authenticity remains unclear, with some claiming it might be a photo-montage.

When asked about the photo on Monday, Vaňková stated that she was uncertain about its genuineness. Additionally, she admitted to occasionally consuming the legal substance HHC.

The photo in question emerged on a Facebook account named “It’s a good thing Brno wasn’t hit by a car,” where Mayor Vaňková is seen standing alongside a group of individuals, including Brno city councillor Robert Kerndl, with a mobile phone containing white powder.

Vaňková mentioned in an interview with on Monday evening that she couldn’t determine the content of the powder or its authenticity. She further acknowledged that a similar situation might have occurred two or three years ago during a social event that went on late into the night.

She told the station that if her colleagues at Brno City Hall believed she should quit she would do so.

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In concluding her statement, Vaňková disclosed her openness to certain intoxicants, stating that in her free time, she enjoys having a glass of wine and occasionally using HHC, a substance from cannabis similar to THC.

Moreover, she expressed her support for the legalization of narcotics even as a politician. The situation has prompted discussions and debates within the community about the implications of the photo and its possible consequences for Mayor Vaňková’s reputation.

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