Nov 20, 2023

Nude Czechs Cause a Scene at Polish Swimming Pool

Czechs are increasingly choosing Polish swimming pools as their preferred destination, but cultural differences sometimes result in awkward situations.

A notable incident occurred in Prudnik, as they opted to change in common areas instead of the designated cabins. Concerns were raised, especially regarding the impact on children sharing the changing rooms.

The management of the Sójka swimming pool addressed the issue, emphasizing the need for separate changing spaces for different genders, a practice not adhered to by some Czech swimmers.

The incident highlights cultural differences in attitudes toward nudity, with Czech pools often having more liberal policies.

“Undressing in front of children is not considered offensive by Czechs,” says a young Czech woman quoted by Nowa Trybuna Opolska.

However, this behavior is quite unusual for Poles. “I didn’t witness anyone undressing in the communal shower at the Prudnik swimming pool. People feel embarrassed,” mentioned a Polish visitor to the same source.

According to the Polish account, Czechs generally have a more liberal attitude towards nudity, whereas Poles are accustomed to changing behind curtains.

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When Poles put on their swimsuits, they take their clothes behind the curtain and then proceed to the lockers to store their belongings.



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