Oct 07, 2023

Tomorrow, October 8: 150 Musicians, 60 Choristers to Perform at Prague’s Hlavní nádraží

On Sunday, the 8th of October, Prague Main Station will be transformed into a vibrant hub of musical brilliance as 150 musicians and 60 choristers unite for a remarkable free concert.

The initiative, named “Playing Forte” (Hraju forte) takes its name from the musical term denoting a strong, loud, and full force of sound.

The event aims to spotlight the critical issue of insufficient state support for culture in the Czech Republic.

It brings together diverse cultural organizations, creative groups, and artists from across the nation, all with a shared purpose – to demand a more substantial allocation of state funds for the arts.

Featuring 150 musicians and 60 choristers, the concert is set to start at 14:00 in the central hall of Prague Main Station.

Organizers emphasize that within the proposed state budget for 2024, a mere 0.64 percent has been allocated to the Ministry of Culture.

Renowned Czech violinist Vaclav Hudecek nostalgically reminisced about the golden era of the late 1960s when serious art flourished globally.

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“It is disheartening to witness our state allocating less than one percent of the budget to culture. In contrast, several European countries allocate up to three percent, underlining the urgency for change,” he remarked.

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