Apr 19, 2024

Prague to Allocare CZK 16 Millions for the Integration of Foreigners

This year, the Prague City Council approved a budget of over CZK 16 million for integration projects for foreigners.

“Foreigners and national minorities are a reality; it’s our responsibility to find integration solutions,” stated Bohuslav Svoboda, Prague’s mayor.

In 2021, an official agreement aimed at improving mutual coexistence between foreigners and Prague residents was signed. The municipality plans to support cultural, social, and educational events for foreigners until 2025, with additional updates.

Various applications focused on activities supporting foreign integration were submitted to the municipality. These emphasized language training, community work, educational activities, and cultural and social projects for foreigners.

A total of 92 projects were received, with 74 recommended for subsidization by the expert committee.

Future plans include programs to involve foreign children in school groups, Czech language courses, and cultural festival organization. The municipality will fund organizations aiding refugees from Ukraine.

“These initiatives promote diversity and cultural understanding, fostering an open and inclusive environment,” stated Jiří Pospíšil, Deputy Mayor of Culture (TOP 09).

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The focus of these activities is on the Czech Republic’s multi-ethnic nature, allowing foreigners to partake in the dominant culture while sharing their traditions and values.

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