Feb 19, 2024

Prague Welcomes Central Europe’s Largest Pop-Art Gallery

Hundreds flocked to the grand opening of the Rataj Factory Gallery and Josef Rataj‘s inaugural exhibition in Prague’s Old Town last Friday.

Nestled in the heart of Prague’s Michalská Street, the Rataj Factory Gallery houses a collection of over 150 paintings alongside diverse pop-art artifacts, including designer handbags, sculptures, musical instruments, and mirrors.

Even Art Nouveau sofas receive a pop-art makeover, breathing new life into classic designs.

Months of renovation transformed the historic building, with hundreds of hours dedicated to crafting the gallery’s interior and arranging the exhibits.

“An official opening isn’t planned until mid-April, so I didn’t send invitations,” Rataj explained.

“Just a small social media announcement. I expected an intimate gathering, but the crowd was incredible! Seeing their excitement is truly special, especially the diversity in age. I wish every artist could experience this.”

Prague now boasts the largest pop art gallery in Central Europe, serving as Rataj’s permanent exhibition space.

“This dream I held for years has finally materialized. Here, I have everything under one roof – over 200 unique artifacts, from paintings and sculptures to neon signs and mirrors. But this is just the beginning. On April 16th, the grand opening will unveil the full gallery, filling the entire space. I envision it becoming a Central European hub for pop art, a meeting point for art lovers and creators worldwide. It will offer Prague a new cultural experience unlike any other.”

About Josef Rataj

Josef Rataj (* 29 May 1979 Plzeň) is a Czech pop art artist, painter, visual artist, and performer. He is one of the pioneers of pop art in the Czech Republic and an inspirer of the young generation.

The majority of his paintings are portraits of personalities connected with culture in the USA. He also paints abstract works mainly commissioned for foreign clients as decoration for their luxurious American apartments.

In addition to pop art combined with abstraction, he also creates 3D objects. His works are often part of exhibitions, events, concerts and charity projects.

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