Mar 20, 2024

Prague’s Iconic Máj Department Store Set for Grand Reopening in June

Prague’s iconic Máj department store is preparing for a grand reopening in June 2024 after undergoing an extensive two-year reconstruction project.

The once six-floor building will be reborn with nine accessible floors boasting over 17,000 square meters of retail, dining, and entertainment space.

“The original single-function Máj will be transformed into a modern, multi-purpose center catering to shopping, dining, cultural, and entertainment needs,” says Martin Klán, board member of Máj Národní a.s. “The key change is a significant expansion in the variety of services offered.”

Visitors can look forward to a brand new Tesco store on the first underground floor. The first and second floors will be dedicated to a diverse range of tenants, including restaurants, cafes, florists, accessory shops, and drugstores.

A dedicated food hall will offer approximately 750 seats and a tempting selection of fast food and classic snacks from popular brands like Popeyes, Burger King, Banh-mi, Prima bašta, Misushi, Amerikanos, and more.

The previously underutilized upper floors will be transformed into havens for entertainment, culture, and education. As a truly unique bonus, the top floor will feature a restaurant offering breathtaking 360° panoramic views of Prague.

The facade of the Máj Národní building was initially planned to showcase an art installation by sculptor David Černý, but he recently denied involvement.

The department store has been under the ownership of developer AMADEUS Real Estate since 2019.

The building has been designated a cultural monument since 2006. The reconstruction, exceeding four CZK 4 billion in total, commenced in July 2022 and is being undertaken by construction company Metrostav.

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