Feb 21, 2024

Prime Video’s “Blade Runner 2099” to be Filmed in Prague

Amazon’s Blade Runner series, set in the iconic dystopian cyberpunk world, gears up for filming in Prague at Barrandov Studios.

Director Ridley Scott, also the producer, promises a continuation of the story in “Blade Runner 2099.” While Scott juggles various projects, including a planned Gladiator sequel, filming for the series was initially delayed from last summer in Belfast due to a writer’s strike.

Now, the wait is over! Camera shutters will fall this April, but not in Belfast. Deadline reports the production has shifted to Prague.

The series is being directed by Jonathan van Tulleken, who will executive produce the first two episodes. Tulleken recently directed the first two episodes of FX’s Shōgun.

Van Tulleken joins the project as executive producer alongside showrunner and head writer Silka Luisa (Shining Girls) and Tom Spezialy (Ash vs Evil Dead) who contributed to the script.

Details about the plot remain shrouded in mystery, but speculation points towards “Blade Runner 2099” continuing the established narrative.

Blade Runner 2049, the 2017 feature film directed by Denis Villeneuve was shot in Hungary, at Origo Studios in Budapest and Korda Studios in Etyek; on-location shoots took place at Stock Exchange Palace, Szabadság in Budapest.

The Czech Republic has hosted recent high-end TV series such as Apple TV’s Foundation and AMC’s Interview With The Vampire.

While a premiere date remains elusive, whispers suggest 2025 at the earliest. One thing’s for sure, sci-fi fans can celebrate as “Blade Runner 2099” prepares to illuminate the streaming platform Prime Video with its captivating neo-noir glow.

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