Nov 27, 2023

Russian Gas Has Resumed Flowing into the Czech Republic

Some traders began importing Russian gas into the Czech Republic in October, ending a hiatus that began at the start of this year, according to Czech Minister of Industry and Trade Josef Sikela, as reported by Novinky.

Out of the total volume of deliveries from January to the end of October this year, Russian gas accounted for 79.6 million cubic meters or 1.2 percent.

The specific importers’ information is considered a trade secret.

Data from the transmission station in Lanžhot in the South Moravian Region also indicates the resumption of Russian gas flowing into the Czech Republic.

“Since the beginning of October, gas at this border station no longer flows from the Czech Republic to Slovakia as before but from Slovakia to the Czech Republic. And this is in volumes of up to 100 gigawatt-hours per day,” said Lukáš Kovanda, Chief Economist at Trinity Bank, citing information from Bloomberg.

According to him, up to 40 percent of the gas imported into the Czech Republic currently comes from Russia.

Given that some countries still cannot do without Russian gas, its import into the EU is not subject to sanctions, noted Sikela.

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According to preliminary information from the ministry, Russian gas stopped flowing into the Czech Republic at the beginning of this year.

Czechia replaced it with gas from Norway and liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the Netherlands and Belgium.

In previous years, the share of Russian gas was around 97 percent.

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