Shopping Without Queues: Rohlík Launched Platform for Businesses Without an E-Shop

The founder of the online food retailer Rohlík, Tomáš Čupr, has recently launched the internet platform, designed for small shops that don’t have their own.

In the first phase, the platform will focus on grocery stores, pharmacies, and drugstores.

Simply put: a store adds its assortment, and customers can shop online from home. They can also choose a time slot, in which they then pick up the purchase in the store and avoid queues at the cashdesk.

“We have two goals: to get people out of the queues in the stores and to help the smaller shops who are suffering now,” explains Čupr.

“In the first phase, the service will focus mainly on small shops all over the country, and hopefully I will convince the chains to get involved,” he added, recalling that the current capacity of online supermarkets such as Rohlí, Koší or iTesco is not sufficient.

In addition, the platform should soon be connected with volunteer groups that bring the purchase to seniors.

The project is also supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Union of Commerce and Tourism. “Online shopping is strongly recommended, and is now absolutely crucial under the current emergency regime,” says Deputy at the Minister of Industry and Trade Silvana Jirotková.

At the same time, Čupr has started another project, SuchýRohlík, delivering “dry goods” (long-lasting foodstuffs) nationwide.


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