Feb 13, 2024

Smíchov Station Gets Revamp: Modernization Work Begin Today

The reconstruction of Prague’s Smíchov railway station has commenced, marking a CZK 5.1 billion investment in the city’s infrastructure.

The project includes track and platform repairs, subway reconstruction and expansion, and elevator installation.

The renovation will be carried out without interrupting full station operation, as highlighted by Railway Administration (SŽ) spokeswoman Nela Eberl Friebová.

The construction inauguration ceremony saw the participation of Transport Minister Martin Kupka (ODS), SŽ Director General Jiří Svoboda, Prague Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda (ODS), and representatives of the construction consortium – Metrostav TBR, OHLA ŽS, Hochtief CZ, and Elektrizace železnic Praha.

Over 83% of the funding comes from European funds, with the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure providing national financing.

Serving as a crucial link between Prague and Western Bohemia, Smíchov station’s current building dates back to the 1950s. Following its revamp, plans are underway to build a dedicated public transport terminal by 2030.

Deputy Mayor for Transport Zdeněk Hřib (Piráti) emphasized the city’s commitment: “Prague will invest an additional seven billion in developing public transport here.”

“This railway junction awaits a complete transformation,” declared Minister Kupka today. “We anticipate a transformed station that evolves into a modern terminal facilitating seamless multimodal connections.” According to SŽ, the project aims to boost the station’s capacity and potentially connect to the planned three-track line towards the main station.

Upon completion, the bridge over Nádražní Street will become three-tracked, aligning with SŽ’s vision of connecting it to a new three-track bridge between Smíchov and Podskalí, replacing the existing railway bridge over the Vltava River.

Another highlight is the new CZK 314 million footbridge towards Radlická Street. This not only provides platform access but also connects the station with the emerging Smíchov district, replacing a demolished footbridge due to housing development.

SŽ plans to hand over the construction site by early March. According to Eberl Friebová, passenger disruptions will be minimal, with temporary platforms created and only designated platforms operational during construction.

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