Sep 13, 2023

“Some Like it Czech” Kicks Off the Third Season of Czech Movies with English Subs

After two successful seasons, the screening series “Some Like It Czech” is ready to get back on track with the riveting comedy OWNERS, a humorous portrayal of Czech contemporary society.

The movie will be screened at the legendary cinema Aero on September 20th with English subtitles and a knowledgeable introduction. Get your tickets here.

Some like it Czech? Turns out, many do. Two local enthusiasts Šárka Bekrová and Anna Šenfeldová initiated this unique project two years ago with the aim of introducing Czech culture and history to an international audience through movies. Each month, they thoughtfully choose a Czech movie helping expats to grasp different facets of Czech culture and its customs.

Screenings are complemented by English subtitles and witty introductions held by cultural experts or fellow expats ensuring that nothing is lost in translation.

“We were beyond thrilled when we first attended. This is the most fun I’ve ever had at the movies. It’s really hard to find Czech movies with English subs, so this is a great opportunity to watch local films and meet the international crowd,” says Samantha, an American expat with Czech roots who moved into the country with her husband.

For the upcoming season, the duo has curated a diverse program featuring critically acclaimed titles such as “My Sweet Little Village” and “The Cremator”, as well as Czech guilty pleasures like the rom-com musical “The Rebels” and “The Holiday Makers”, a subversive comedy set in a typical Czech summer destination – Croatia.

The monthly celebration of this small but mighty country, its outstanding cinematography, and cross-cultural exchange kicks off with the poignant comedy “Owners” (2019, watch the trailer) on the 20th of September. Jiří Havelka’s distinctive portrayal of Czech contemporary society will bring you to the arduous meeting of twelve homeowners who must make one very important decision about the future of their dwellings.

As each of these ‘12 Angry Men’ has a different mentality ranging from an idealist to a profiteer, the movie amusingly makes it seem like the entirety of the Czech Republic resides within a single house. Don’t be shy; come and meet your Czech neighbours, first on the silver screen and later at the bar after the screening. We promise you, it will be a #czexperience you never forget. Get your tickets here.

If you want to know more about the event and the project itself, follow Some Like it Czech on Instagram (@some_like_it_czech) or Facebook (@Somelikeitczech).

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