Dec 11, 2023

Spectacular Ice Sculpture Exhibition Opens in Prague’s Riegrovy Sady

On Monday, December 11, the inaugural Ice Magic exhibition, showcasing 70 exquisite sculptures crafted from transparent and colored ice, was unveiled in Prague’s Riegrovy Sady.

The exhibit, a collaboration of talented artists from across Europe, utilized a staggering 180 tonnes of ice.

Enclosed within a specially chilled tent maintaining a sub-zero temperature, the sculptures come to life, immersing visitors in a mesmerizing frozen wonderland.

The exhibition’s enchanting theme revolves around beloved characters from fairy tales and cartoons. Attendees can marvel at iconic figures such as Maya the Bee, Czech Krotik, characters from “Frozen,” “The Lion King,” and “Ice Age,” among others, totaling nine captivating cartoon displays.

For those eager to experience this frosty fantasy, the exhibition will remain open until April 15, 2024.

More details:

  • Address: Riegrovy Sady 28, Praha 2, Vinohrady
  • Opening Hours: Daily from 10:00 to 22:00
  • Admission:

children 250 CZK
adults 300 CZK
family of 3 persons 800 CZK
family of 4 persons 950 CZK
family of 5 persons 1150 CZK
family discount only with at least one child under 12 years of age

You can get your tickets here



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