Dec 18, 2023

“Thank you, Czechia.” Embassy of Israel Places Several Billboards in Prague

The Embassy of Israel has expressed its gratitude to the Czech Republic through a series of impactful billboards placed across Prague and highways.

The gesture comes in response to the unwavering support Israel received from Czech citizens following the attack by the Palestinian movement Hamas.

Petra Mohylová, spokesperson for the Israeli Embassy, emphasized the significance of the Czech society’s support during these challenging times.

“Just like the Israelis in Prague, the Israelis at the embassy, and all of Israel, feel the support of Czech society at this very difficult time. That’s why we wanted to express our thanks in a visible way so that people here would know,” she explained to

The billboards with the message “Israel thanks,” appeared in Prague and other locations in early December. The Israeli Embassy, in collaboration with the Jewish Community Center Prague (JCC Prague), shared their appreciation on social media, declaring, “For us, the most beautiful billboard in Prague! Thank you, Czech Republic.”

In total, there are eleven billboards, with five situated in Prague and others placed on major highways. The D5 motorway features three billboards, including two near the Rozvadov border crossing, while the D3, D10, and D4 motorways also boast expressions of thanks.

Ambassador Anna Azari and other diplomats regularly express their gratitude in various forums, including meetings with the public and political leaders.

The Czech people, in response to the Hamas attack, have taken to the streets multiple times, with notable figures such as Defence Minister Jana Černochová, Education Minister Mikuláš Bek, Human Rights Commissioner Klára Šimáčková Laurenčíková, and film director Jan Hřebejk participating in events supporting Israel.

Prime Minister Petr Fiala, during his November visit to Tel Aviv, reaffirmed the Czech Republic’s friendship with Israel and pledged to be a voice for Israelis in Europe.

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